Giants of Cardiothoracic Surgery: An Interview With Gail Darling

Author(s):  vaibhavgupta gdarling In this Giants of Cardiothoracic Surgery interview, Vaibhav Gupta speaks with Gail Darling of the University of Toronto, Canada, about esophageal surgery as well as esophageal cancer research and thoracic surgery training. Subspecialty(ies):  Thoracic Content Area(s):  Videos – Giants Taxonomy:  Professional Affairs Esophagus Sorgente:

Type A Dissection Repair Using the Florida Sleeve Technique

Author(s):  ShahVi oiorlov cinthorlov kplestis The authors present herein a type A dissection repair using the Florida sleeve technique, which allows for preservation of the native aortic valve and sinuses. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Content Area(s):  Videos – General Taxonomy:  Aortic Root valve Valve Disease Cardiac – Physiology Sorgente: