Are We Implanting Too Few Mechanical Valves?

Author(s):  nbriffa Author(s):  Briffa N Norman Briffa of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK discusses the decision between mechanical and biological valves, focusing on patients between the ages of 50 and 70 years old. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Content Area(s):  Ionescu Univ. 2019 Taxonomy:  valve Aortic Valve Sorgente:

When Things Go Wrong in Thoracic Surgery: A Middle Lobectomy With Bleeding That Required Cardiopulmonary Bypass to Address

Author(s):  joeldunning jferguson Author(s):  Dunning J, Ferguson J, Kanani M, Mydin I This is a video of a middle lobectomy, but the surgeon got into considerable bleeding difficulty that required the whole team to work together to get the patient onto cardiopulmonary bypass. Subspecialty(ies):  Thoracic Content Area(s):  Videos – General Taxonomy:  Lobectomy Sorgente: