Unicuspid Aortic Valve Repair Using Geometric Ring Annuloplasty

Author(s):  jconte jrankin vbadhwar A 32-year-old man presenting with congestive heart failure, severe aortic insufficiency, and a unicuspid aortic valve underwent successful valve repair using aortic ring annuloplasty. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Congenital Content Area(s):  STSA 2018 Videos – General Taxonomy:  Aortic Valve Congenital Surgery in Adults Sorgente:

Hybrid Aortic Type I Dissection Repair

Author(s):  ManuelClusa mariano camporrotondo dnavia fpiccinini jmvrancic Juanespinoza manucervetti In this video, the authors demonstrate a two-stage hybrid treatment for DeBakey type I aortic dissection, consisting of an ascending aorta and arch replacement with elephant trunk technique and endovascular treatment of the descending aorta. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Thoracic Vascular Content Area(s):  Resident Video Competition 2018 Residents…