Subxiphoid Right Upper Lobectomy

Author(s):  Karel Pfeuty This video demonstrates a right upper lobectomy through a subxiphoid biportal approach. This technique offers a microinvasive surgery for major pulmonary resection with respect to safety and oncological principles, and it works in synergy with ERAS programs for better recovery. Subspecialty(ies):  Thoracic Content Area(s):  Residents Videos – General Taxonomy:  Lung – Cancer…

Subxiphoid Pericardial Window: Steps and Helpful Tips

Author(s):  dgwan There are several approaches for the surgical management of symptomatic pericardial effusion. The author demonstrates the subxiphoid approach in this video, which is the most expeditious approach and better suited for the unstable patient. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Content Area(s):  Residents Videos – General Taxonomy:  Pericardium Sorgente: