Root Remodeling: Tips and Tricks

Author(s):  hschafers Hans-Joachim Shäfers of Saarland University Medical Center in Germany presents his tips and tricks for aortic root remodeling. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Content Area(s):  Ionescu Univ. 2018 Taxonomy:  Aortic Valve Aortic Root Sorgente:

Robotic Left-Sided Excision of a Bronchogenic Cyst

Author(s):  Omar Zibdeh Christopher Bayliss puwalani joeldunning This video documents a robotic left-sided excision of a bronchogenic cyst with sutured repair. Subspecialty(ies):  Thoracic Content Area(s):  Resident Video Competition 2018 Videos – General Taxonomy:  Mediastinum Trachea and Bronchi Sorgente:

Redo Aortic Surgery: Thoughts on New Technologies

Author(s):  oyadava rdibartolomeo Om P Yadava and Roberto Di Bartolomeo discuss the reasons for the increasing number of redo aortic surgeries and recent advances like the frozen elephant trunk and endovascular repair. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Vascular Content Area(s):  Videos – General Taxonomy:  Great Vessels Aorta Endovascular Techniques Sorgente: