Letter From the Guest Editor: Cardiac Surgery Essentials

Author(s):  tskaneko This Cardiac Surgery Essentials series from Guest Editor Dr Tsuyoshi Kaneko illustrates basic skills that cardiac surgeons need to possess in their everyday practice, with videos that focus on important aspects of procedures for which demonstrations can be difficult to find. Subspecialty(ies):  Cardiac Content Area(s):  Residents Guest Editor Series – Cardiac Taxonomy:  Coronary…

Cor Triatriatum Dexter

Author(s):  aabarbanell RSimonLee This video depicts the repair of an extremely rare congenital heart defect known as cor triatriatum dexter. Subspecialty(ies):  Congenital Content Area(s):  Residents Videos – General Taxonomy:  Congenital – Cyanotic Sorgente:

Robotic Sleeve Resection of the Bronchus Intermedius

Author(s):  raulcaso bmarshall The authors demonstrate the technical aspects of a complete portal robotic sleeve resection of the bronchus intermedius. Subspecialty(ies):  Thoracic Content Area(s):  Resident Video Competition 2018 Residents Videos – General Taxonomy:  Trachea and Bronchi Minimally Invasive Surgery Sorgente: